March 19, 2022


Please review Sister Circle Leader terms and conditions, and check the box if you are in agreement.  This will allow you to proceed with host registration.  Thank you!


  • I understand that I am signing up to host an online or in person Sister Circle of up to 10 women, including me, on March 19th, 2022.
  • I understand that I will be responsible for inviting people to join my circle.
  • I will not charge or request donations for this Sister Circle.
  • I will not sell anything at this Sister Circle.
  • I will not collect email addresses from Sister Circle participants for the purposes of selling anything now or in the future.
  • I will hold everything shared by Sister Circle attendees in strict confidence.
  • I will not take any of the materials provided by Global Sisterhood Day or Nisha Moodley International and reproduce or copy them for any means.
  • I feel fit to stay present, no matter what emotions may arise in the Sister Circle.
  • I understand that while I am hosting this event, I will not coach or advise anyone, and I will be participating myself.
  • I will not consume illegal drugs or alcohol, or encourage my guests to consume drugs or alcohol before, during, or after the gathering.
  • I understand that while being a Sister Circle Leader is a responsibility, this is also a celebration, and I am committed to bringing that energy to the day!