March 28, 2020


Global Sisterhood Day is 100% free to participate in.

March 21st, 2015 was the inaugural Global Sisterhood Day. Women from around the globe gathered in small groups to celebrate the unique and important relationships between women, and engaged in meaningful conversation about their hearts, lives, and vision for the planet. We had over 2,700 participants from more than 75 countries, participating in over 115 circles…not to mention the countless informal celebrations that happened that day.

March 28th, 2020 marks the fifth annual Global Sisterhood Day, and Sister Circles will be happening all over the globe. A Sister Circle is a 90-minute gathering of up to 10 women, to engage in meaningful conversation about our hearts, lives, and vision for the planet.

Participation in Global Sisterhood Day is 100% free. Sign up to host a free circle in your community, and we’ll send you an outline!


Thank you for considering being a host on Global Sisterhood Day!
On March 28th, Sister Circles will be happening around the globe.

A Sister Circle is a 90-minute gathering of up to 10 women (including you), to connect and share personal celebrations, challenges, and desires. This is an opportunity for us to cultivate deeper sisterhood in our lives and in the world, and being a Sister Circle Host is an opportunity for you to take a stand for the power of sisterhood.


  1. Selecting a location for your circle, such as your living room or a local park) or a virtual experience using videoconferencing technology.  (There is NO need to make things fancy, or include any food or drinks. In fact, we recommend you keep it simple!)
  2. Defining a start time.  All gatherings will take place on Saturday, March 28th.
  3. Inviting up to 9 women in your area to participate (these can be friends, family members, or soon-to-be friends).
  4. Welcoming participants and fostering connection and presence.  This is what Global Sisterhood Day is all about!
  5. Facilitating the Sister Circle.  We will provide simple questions that you can pose to your group, and ask that you participate, too!


Questions? Feel free to shoot us a note at [email protected].

Thank you for helping us bring this global movement to life!